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Living in authentic joy!

Nikki Powerhouse speaks to the human spirit. The name “Powerhouse” channels

energy. My aim is for my audience to have an emotional and spiritual

experience. My performance art embodies storytelling, poetry, song and

movement. These mediums are a tapestry of freedom, expression, identity,

heritage, and womanhood.

nikki powerhouse

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The Powerhouse

A Philly native, Nikki Powerhouse is a creative force that speaks to the human spirit.  She is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Communication. As the Director of I AM Powerhouse, LLC, Nikki provides art-based performances and workshops and is a Motivational Speaker.  


In 2018, Nikki received the Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant. The grant supported a partnership with Resources for Human Development (RHD) and a live performance of her one-woman show “The Art of I AM,” followed by a 6-week workshop with women in recovery. Her style of motivation is to inspire people to live authentically through telling the truth, choosing joy, and self-forgiveness.  Nikki believes art should engage and transform the creator and the viewer.


new book


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About Book

This collection of poetry is a celebration to breaking beautifully. Each poem captures the gift of self-discovery: the ability to learn, laugh, cry, and love ourselves whole.


The Softest Part

The Softest Part is a combination journal and blog that explores vulnerability through life lessons around self-love, self-discovery, and self-acceptance. Our softness can be discovered in healing, joy, sensuality, and creativity. Through the sharing of my story, I  hope to inspire freedom in living unapologetically authentic.


The Softest Part of Her Is Everything
Visual Diary

The Softest Part Visual Diary takes the soul-stirring prose of Nikki Powerhouse and brings them to life with beautiful visuals. 

Cinematography: Amber Monet

Creative Direction: Susan Charli

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